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Moderinized reasoning in pain rehab and coaching

In this lecture, you will learn the common errors in clinical reasoning. For therapists and personal trainers. Language is english.

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Moderinized reasoning in pain rehab and coaching
Moderinized reasoning in pain rehab and coaching

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26 sep. 2021 10:00 – 12:00



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A traditional biomedical framework is what most clinicians are accustomed to using. Still, like all reasoning, this is vulnerable to error, especially if the clinical reasoning is predominantly done with an anatomical, pathological, biomechanical, or structural focus. 

 We should learn from the past generation to increase our quality of care. We can learn from what they were correct about, but we can learn equally as much; of what they got wrong. Sadly this is far from our current reality.

 We are reusing and recycling way too many errors of the past generations. Unfortunately, these errors are passed down from "senior" generations of "elite" physiotherapists to new physiotherapy graduates. 

 Paradoxically we are, therefore ourselves, a substantial roadblock towards implementing a higher quality of care.  In the lecture, you will learn the common errors in clinical reasoning. 

You will also learn about the four fundamental problems in pain rehabilitation and the primary cause of errors in 21st Century Rehabilitation. Get a comprehensive understanding of multiple cognitive errors in reasoning.

 This as a pathway to increase the quality of care. 

 Lars Avemarie is a full-time physiotherapist, writer, internationally acclaimed lecturer, myth-buster, and teacher. Before completing his bachelor's degree in physiotherapy, he worked almost a decade in the health care industry. He has a unique blend of knowledge about pain research, neuroscience, physiotherapy, evidence-based practice, exercise science, rehabilitation, sleep research, and critical thinking. The latter includes expertise in argumentation theory and informal logic.


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